Ruslan Momot

Assistant Professor of Technology & Operations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Operations Management in AI-Driven World Core Course, MBAi (taught in-person), Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

I developed a new core operations management course which included topics such as digital platforms & networks and consumer privacy & cybersecurity. 45 students; 10 sessions × 3 h.

Q1: Overall, how satisfied were you with this instructor?
Q2: Overall, how satisfied were you with this course?
Spring 2022: Q1 - 5.53 / 6.00, Q2 - 5.13 / 6.00

Averages across all courses taught at Kellogg for Q1, Q2 questions are 5.19 and 4.93 correspondingly.

Some of the Testimonials:

  • Ruslan was by far the best part of the course. His energy in making Operations accessible and even exciting was infectious
  • Ruslan was highly engaging, despite the 3–hour class time. We had lots of global perspectives, built strong analytical and strategic frameworks, and learned principles we'll be able to apply our whole careers.
  • Loved how the professor taught Operations. Never knew Operations can be of such importance. One of my best courses this quarter.
  • Ruslan successfully accomplished the Herculean task of teaching engaging operations classes for three consecutive hours at a time. There aren't a lot of instructors that would make me care about this class, but Ruslan managed to do it.

Operations Management Core Course, MBA (taught in-person) / Evening MBA (taught over Zoom), Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

MBA level core course, 150 students in total; 20 sessions × 1.5 h (10 sessions x 3 h for the Evening MBA class).

Q1: Overall, how satisfied were you with this instructor?
Q2: Overall, how satisfied were you with this course?
Spring 2022: Q1 - 5.34, 5.29 / 6.00, Q2 - 5.02, 4.59 / 6.00

Averages across all courses taught at Kellogg for Q1, Q2 questions are 5.19 and 4.93 correspondingly.

Some of the Testimonials:

  • Professor Momot was hands down the most technically savvy professor in my time at Kellogg.
  • He also was very passionate about operations, bringing great energy every single week. Looking back on these 10 weeks, I can't believe how much ground we've covered!
  • A key strength of this class from my perspective is Professor Momot who clearly dedicated a lot of time and thinking to his pedagogy and to ensuring that students of different experience levels and learning styles could engage. His dedication to formative assessment, as well as his transparency, flexibility, and responsiveness allowed us to collectively build a class that was engaging, even though it was late at night.
  • Professor Momot is a brilliant professor, who was highly skilled at engaging students in the classroom, and staying attuned to the comprehension level of the material to adjust accordingly. He is clearly passionate about the material, and brought concepts to life through tangible examples.
  • I thought that Professor Momot was excellent. He did a great job making the course fun, interesting, and engaging. He would cold call students in a way that did not make anyone uncomfortable. His approach to teaching often made it feel as though you were getting a personalized class. He was very knowledgeable and communicated the learnings extremely well. I thought he did a great job making the information accessible without oversimplifying. I think that this class was successful and enjoyable primarily because of the teaching style. Thank you Professor Momot!
  • Made a safe and warm atmosphere to speak out.
  • Professor Momot was my favorite teacher this quarter. He kept the class engaging and fun. Hopefully he comes back to Kellogg one day, the school will be better for it.

Operations & Supply Chain Management Core Course, Master in Management (Grande Ecole), HEC Paris

Master’s level core course (French Grande École); Each section: 24 sessions (1.5 h each), approximately 50 students.

Q: Teaching Qualities
2021: 4.81, 4.79, 4.46 (fully remote teaching format )
2020: 4.56, 4.55, 4.48 (covid-19: class had to be moved to Zoom in the middle of the semester)
2019: 4.75, 4.79

In contrast: across other instructors, average for the past 3 spring terms was 3.57

Some of the Testimonials:

  • Ruslan Momot is the best teacher I have ever had at HEC!
  • Very entertaining and puts in a lot of passion and effort into his work.
  • Very energetic teacher who finds challenging examples and interesting business cases.
  • Professor puts a lot of effort and energy into the material. Always manages to engage with students and address content well.
  • An excellent teacher who pays a lot of attention to his students. His class is always fun and full of joy. He prepares his class very well and is able to explain difficult points with easy understanding examples. Every one of us likes him.

Production and Operations Management Core Course Tutorials, MBA, INSEAD
class of Karan Girotra

Winner of Deans’ Commendation for Excellence in MBA Teaching, 2014
4.84 / 5.00, responses 89/300
4.82 / 5.00, responses 87/308

Testimonials Spring 2014 - PDF
Testimonials Fall 2014 - PDF 1 - PDF 2

  • Ruslan is the premier tutor at INSEAD.
  • Fantastic tutor! Helpful, charismatic, patient and hard-working.
  • Sign this guy up as a professor immediately!
  • Ruslan is very good for three reasons: 1) structure, 2) structure, 3) structure.

Math Tutorials, PhD, INSEAD
accompanying Microeconomics A class of Timothy Van Zandt

Duties: design of the course from scratch, teaching (15x1.5 hours), exam design, grading.

Major topics covered: calculus, analytical geometry, linear algebra, optimization.

"Sberbank 500" Management Training Program, EMBA, INSEAD
Teaching Assistant, class of Ilia Tsetlin

Duties: design of the exams, tests, support of the students